Pre-course tutorialsPre course tutorial lead

As well as tuition on the day, the majority of our courses in 2019 also include a pre-course tutorial. This is an integral part of your course and a link will be sent to you upon booking. Depending on the level of the course, the video will either run through some basic familiarisation of camera handling and terminology, or offer a consolidation of what you should already know before attending the course.

The pre-course tutorial will also highlight any areas that you need to brush up on before attending your course, as on most of our events we assume that you know a reasonable amount about the basics of photography, and more particularly how to operate the main controls and dials on your camera. The only exceptions are courses listed as Beginner level.

If, after watching the pre-course tutorial you have questions about the topics covered then your tutor will be happy to answer them during the event.

We recommend that you watch the video once as a minimum before your course, with your camera in-hand. Some people prefer to watch it a couple of times, plus your video will remain available to you after your course, should you wish to refer back to it at any time.

Q: Will I be tested on the video content?
No, of course not! But it is to your benefit to watch it at least once, and ideally not the night before the course. You’ll get far more from your course if you prepare well – by watching the video in advance (and by reading your joining instructions).

Q: Which device(s) can I use to watch the video?
The pre-course video tutorial will play on any device – your computer, tablet or smartphone or any other device with an internet connection, though as it’s presentation-style, you may find bigger screens easier to follow along.

Q: What happens if I don’t watch it?
If you don’t watch it before the course, then you will, most likely, have a poorer learning experience. And because you’ll be part of a group, your tutor cannot slow down the pace of the course to compensate for this, as this will affect the course for everyone present.

Q: Do I need a password to get in?
No, there’s no password needed, just the link to the video which you’ll receive on your confirmation email.

Q: Can I watch a sample video?
Sure – here's one from a previous course, Understanding your EOS camera: