Accessibility: Practical venues

IM3A9236 Wet london Travel and city 2016sPractical venues are chosen for their suitability for teaching a particular subject or technique. We ensure that there are sufficient subjects to shoot at each venue.

These events demand a variety of fitness levels, depending on the venue. We can cover considerable distances on some courses, sometimes walking up to four miles and on uneven terrain. Even when you’re not walking around, you’ll be standing for long periods.

Please let us know when booking your course of any mobility issues you have.

Many of our locations are fully accessible to wheelchair users and some even have wheelchairs available to hire on-site.

If you need someone to support you during your practical day (e.g. a carer), we are happy to accommodate. Please give us a call when you are ready to book. There is no charge for your carer; however please note that entry fees and lunch are payable separately for both youo and your carer.

Below are details of venues which are not suitable for wheelchair users and which require a good general level of fitness.


Although we take a minibus to the top of the waterfalls trail, the path down is uneven and rocky. You need to have good fitness and balance for this location, and be capable of walking four miles at a steady pace whilst carrying your gear.


The three RHS venues we use – Wisley, Harlow Carr and Hyde Hall – are wheelchair-friendly. However, as we’ll be photographing flowers, we’ll often be working low down which may be difficult if you have limited mobility.


We’ll be photographing flowers and so will often be working low down, which may be difficult if you have limited mobility.


These city centre venues all feature cobbled streets on the route we take, as well as some steps. We can cover up to four miles during the day. Therefore we do not recommend these locations as suitable for wheelchairs or anytone with limited mobility.


The butterfly farm is fully accessible with disabled toilets, but assistance dogs are not allowed within the main butterfly area.


Whilst there is a shorter path which is accessible, the site is quite steep and wheelchair users may struggle to navigate round the site.


If you have any queries about our practical venues or wider training programme, give us a call on 01869 331741 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm – you can also leave us a message outside of these hours and we'll call you back) or send us an emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.