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Digital Photo Professional

Digital Photo Professional workshopDPP window

All you need to know to start using DPP, Canon’s free RAW editing software. This is a great piece of software which is supplied free with your EOS camera. It’s the perfect solution for EOS photographers who shoot RAW images, as it enables you to produce images that reflect the quality that your camera is capable of.

It is easy-to-use software once you get to grips with the basics, which are all covered on this workshop. This course is ideal if you have previously shot mainly JPEG images and are keen to take greater control of your photography.

You will learn about different file formats, the RAW image workflow, organising your images and image editing using DPP. Covers DPP versions 3 and 4 which can both live happily side by side on your computer as there are unique benefits to both versions.

In addition to navigating round the software, you'll also learn about the more comprehensive and advanced tools available to you with DPP, such as Auto Lighting Optimizer, lens corrections via Digital Lens Optimizer, recipes, HDR and more.

By the end of the workshop you'll be comfortable and confident using DPP to edit and convert your images and handling RAW files through the EOS workflow.

– Organise and edit your images
– Use DPP with other image software
– Export your images
– Work with the capabilities and limitations of DPP

You do not need to bring anything, but you are welcome to bring a laptop to follow along with the example images. Bring along some problem images too so that we can discuss how best to edit them in DPP.

The maximum on this workshop course is 12 photographers, meaning you get plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered and the tuition tailored to your needs.