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Mastering your EOS: City

Mastering your EOSIMG 1714 EOS M5 Lincoln: City

PPractical course  



LOCATIONS: London (central), York (central), Liverpool (Albert Dock), Cambridge (central), Brighton (central)

So you’ve moved off Auto, and have a basic grasp of the exposure triangle. You can now use the semi-automated modes – Program, Av and Tv – and can adapt your exposure settings according to the light level. Next you want to take full control. Where to now?

This intermediate level course picks up where you left off with Get off Auto, so that you can create exactly what you want in-camera, deploy some of the more advanced features and improve your success rate significantly.

During this fully practical, hands-on day, you learn how to take greater control over your exposure – learning about AE Lock, AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) and metering modes – to ensure you’re giving yourself every opportunity to capture the shot. The last of the Creative Zone modes – Manual – will also be taught, and you’ll explore when this mode is best used.

In addition we’ll look at using HDR techniques for particularly tricky conditions.

Moving to other override controls, your tutor will explain white balance and Picture Styles – when to move off the automated settings for either correction or creative purposes to improve the colour, contrast and sharpness of your images.

Lastly, you’ll get a chance to try a little fill-in flash and see where an extra dash of light can make the world of difference to your images in some scenarios.

To make the most of this course, you should have already attended Get Off Auto or EOS for Beginners as you’ll need a firm grasp of the exposure triangle and how to interpret light levels before attending.

This is the City version of the Mastering course.

We also run this course at wildlife parks and centres, where the skill level is the same, but the emphasis is shifted to concentrate more on focusing and on moving subjects. You can find out more here about Mastering your EOS: Wildlife


– Advanced steps to take full control of your camera
– Using Manual mode
– AE Lock and Auto Exposure Bracketing for improved exposure control
– In-camera processing for colour, contrast and sharpness
– Customising your camera to suit you
– Shooting with Live View

Intermediate level; all Canon EOS cameras.


– Pre-course video tutorial
– Hands-on tuition

The maximum on this practical course is 5 photographers, meaning you get plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered and the tuition tailored to your camera.

Entry fees and refreshments are not included – course price is for tuition only.


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