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Close-up and Macro photography (200611PB)

Thursday 11 June 2020, 10:00 - 16:00 , Ness Gardens (Liverpool)

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LOCATIONS: RHS Wisley (Surrey), RHS Hyde Hall (Essex), Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm (Warwickshire), The Savill Garden (Windsor), Ness Gardens (Liverpool)

Get up close and personal with your subject and learn what is involved when shooting at both close-up and macro (life size) magnifications.

Capturing the world close up can be very rewarding and this hands-on course will teach you what you need to shoot your subject in truly fascinating detail.

This course is an in-depth day and you’ll need a firm grasp on the basics to make the most of this course.

Depending on the season, the content covered will vary.



On the winter events we head indoors to Stratford-upon-Avon’s butterfly farm. This is a challenging environment with lower light levels and subjects that do not sit still.

To get started, you’ll learn about close-up photography and what can be achieved with available light, before moving onto macro and demonstrating why the use of flash can be essential. Built-in flash, Speedlites and ring flash units will all be shown. We also take a look at the basics of working with a flashgun off-camera for more creative lighting.

Level – Advanced.


On the late spring and summer events we look at both close-up and macro shooting and the equipment needed for the various magnifications. You’ll find out what can be achieved with a standard zoom lens and how the use of telephoto lenses can give us better background control.

We then look at how to get closer using both extension tubes and macro lenses. All photography on the summer event is shot handheld with available light.

Level – Intermediate.


This course is an in-depth day and you’ll need a firm grasp on the basics to make the most of it. Macro photography can be very rewarding and this hands-on course will teach you what you need to capture your subject in fascinating detail.



– The differences between close-up and macro
– Setting up your Canon camera for macro
– Why it can be difficult to get the desired macro results
– How to use extension tubes
– Manipulating depth-of-field
– How lighting affects your close-up results
– Setting up and using flash effectively to enhance your images
– Flash and lens options for macro photography
– Equipment needed for macro work
– The camera settings you need and how to set them on your EOS model



At a minimum you'll need your EOS camera and a standard kit lens (e.g. 18-55mm, 18-135mm, 15-45mm). Optional: If you have a longer telephoto lens (up to 200mm or 300mm) or a macro lens then these will also be useful but not essential.

We will also explain the use of extension tubes as well as flash guns within close-up and macro work so please bring these along if you own them. If you do not have an external flash, but your camera has a built-in flash, we can also show you how to make use of it.

Intermediate level and above; all Canon EOS camera models.


– Pre-course video tutorial
– Hands-on tuition

The maximum on this practical course is 6 photographers, meaning you get plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered and the tuition tailored to your camera.

Entry fees and refreshments are not included – course price is for tuition only.



Cost of Event: £150.00
Maximum number on event: 6
Lecturer: Nina Bailey
Spaces left for this event: 5
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