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Black-and-white photography (180620P)

Wednesday 20 June 2018, 10:30 - 16:00 , Bath

Black-and-white practical dayBlackandwhite2

A super day out covering a diverse range of topics, from how to set up your EOS camera to produce great black-and-white images through to understanding framing for monochrome images. We take a look at why contrast is so important within black-and-white photography and how it can be controlled on the camera. We analyse why the photographic elements of line, shape, texture and form are so important for successful black-and-white images.

This course is run in two popular locations: Central London (starting from Trafalgar Square) and Bath. Both locations offer a wealth of subjects suitable for monochrome photography.

Learn how to:
– Shoot black-and-white images in-camera
– Evaluate black-and-white images
– Understand tonal range and how metering affects the tonal range you can capture
– See the best lighting for black-and-white photography
– Frame your shots for successful monochrome results
– Use and adapt the rule of thirds for black-and-white images
– Get the most out of your lenses
– Analyse the photographic elements

You will need:
Your camera with a standard kit lens fitted. A telephoto lens can be useful if you have one, though the standard kit lens would suffice if you prefer to keep the outfit small and light. If you have a polarising filter bring it with you too as it can be useful if the weather is fine.

View a gallery of images from recent black-and-white days

Course cost is for tuition only. Entry fees and refreshments not included in price.


Cost of Event: £129.00
Maximum number on event: 6
Lecturer: Nina Bailey
Spaces left for this event: 5
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Location Bath
Grand Parade

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