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Advanced Lightroom (180518W)

Friday 18 May 2018, 10:00 - 16:30 , Oxford (Tackley)

Adobe Lightroom workshops

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Lightroom is arguably the most useful software application for image management. Designed specifically for photographers, it can handle almost every task you’ll need – from camera to print.

In the second part of this two-part workshop series, designed specifically for Canon EOS users, we explain what Lightroom can do for you and explore some of the more advanced features of Lightroom.

These workshops are theory-based – you will watch a series of on-screen examples and have a comprehensive handout to take away so you can recreate the workflow at home. We don't supply a computer workstation because everyone's computer skill level is slightly different, but you are welcome to bring your own laptop to follow along.

Part two: Advanced Lightroom

This second Lightroom workshop in the two-part series assumes you have either attended the Lightroom for beginners course or have been using Lightroom to organise and edit your images for a while. We assume that you have a basic understanding of file types, bit-depth and resolution and that you understand tone curves and the histogram.

During this follow-on Lightroom workshop you will build on the knowledge learnt in the beginners course to deal with some more advanced topics. These include using multiple catalogues to work between computers and working with images off-line. You will also find out how to save presets and how to batch process, both of which are key time-saving skills when working with multiple files of a similar nature.

The advanced course also covers handling video files, working in monochrome and using the Map module to geo-tag your image files.

Learn about:

 – Creating and working with multiple catalogues
 – Using the Map module

 – Handling video files
 – Advanced editing features
 – Saving presets and using Batch processes to speed up your workflow
 – Monochrome conversion

You will need:

Although you don’t need to bring any equipment, you are welcome to bring your own laptop (pre-installed with your own copy of Lightroom).

Who should attend this workshop?

This course is designed for Canon EOS photographers of all levels who want to expand on their skills using the Library and Develop modules, plus explore the other Lightroom modules to improve their EOS workflow. To benefit from this course you should have already attending the part one session Lightroom for beginners or have a similar skill level having used Lightroom on your own for a while.


Cost of Event: £99.00
Maximum number on event: 12
Lecturer: Ian McNeill
Spaces left for this event: 12
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Location Oxford (Tackley)
The Old Barn, Ball Lane, Tackley

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