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Advanced EOS techniques (180226W)

Monday 26 February 2018, 10:00 - 16:30 , Oxford (Tackley)

EOS creative

Advanced EOS techniques workshop

Looking to progress your photography to the next level? Then try this advanced level course to push yourself and enhance your photographic skills with your EOS camera.

You should already be familiar with the key controls and overrides on your camera and the fundamentals of photography, as this course is designed to build on the basics and let you explore more creative options using your camera and existing knowledge.

Working with the settings and functions available on your EOS, you’ll look at how to freeze, blur, pan and isolate your subject. You’ll learn all about bokeh and how to get great depth in your images. You will also get a recap on other areas like shutter speed and aperture, as well as focusing options, to help you build a greater understanding of how some commonly-used settings interact with each other and can be used for dramatic effect.

In addition you’ll learn more about using lenses creatively and choosing which filters can enhance the images you take. Some challenging subject-specific areas such as sunsets, rainbows, reflections, northern lights and much more will be covered, so that you’ll leave the workshop filled with creative ideas and know-how for your next EOS project.

Learn how to:

 – Freeze, blur, pan and isolate your subject
 – Achieve depth in your images and learn about bokeh
 – Recap on shutter speed, aperture and focusing options
 – Build a greater understanding of how some commonly-used settings interact with each other and can be used for dramatic effect
 – Use lenses creatively
 – Choose which filters can enhance your images and why polarisers are often the best choice
 – Successfully shoot challenging subjects, such as sunsets, rainbows, reflections, and the northern lights
 – Create panoramic images and time-lapse sequences

You will need:

Bring your EOS camera and lenses, plus a memory card and fully charged battery.

Who should attend this course?

Perfect for all EOS users at an intermediate or advanced level wanting to learn some new skills and get inspiration for more creative and advanced photographic projects. Ideally you will have already attended one of our camera-specific courses or completed the Making the most workshop series so that you are already confident in handling your Canon EOS camera.



Cost of Event: £119.00
Maximum number on event: 12
Lecturer: Nina Bailey
Spaces left for this event: 12
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Location Oxford (Tackley)
The Old Barn, Ball Lane, Tackley

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