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So that you can gauge more easily whether a course is suitable for you, we grade our courses by ability level.

All of our courses also include a pre-course tutorial, which helps to fill in any gaps in your knowledge before your course starts, and gives you confidence that you will be at a similar point to your fellow EOS photographers on the day.


All of the beginner level courses need no prior knowledge and are suitable for everyone. You’ll most likely be using the automated modes on your Canon EOS camera, or you may already be shooting with one of the Creative Zone modes (P, Av, Tv, Fv, Manual) but getting variable results.

This is also the place to start if you’ve just got your first interchangeable lens camera – either moving up from a smartphone or compact camera – or are self-taught, or perhaps have finally delved into digital, having learnt originally on film cameras.


You’ll need a firm grasp on the basics of photography to attend one of our intermediate level courses – principally how ISO, aperture and shutter speed interact – and you should already be comfortable using Progam, Av or Tv modes in different light levels.

You’ll also be expected to understand the correct exposure setting combinations shooting both hand-held or on a tripod, as well as the effect focal length has on your images. You should be fairly comfortable navigating round your camera and the menu system.

These courses are held at a slightly faster pace than at beginner level.


Once you’re at ease with the main camera controls and overrides in typical conditions, take the next step with an advanced course to push your creativity and optimise your camera to your needs.

Advanced courses concentrate more on camera set-up for specific techniques and specialist areas. You’ll learn how to take full control of your camera and it’s assumed that you’ll have a solid understanding of the exposure triangle and overrides, what each of the camera settings and features does, so we can show you how best to utilise specialist settings to enhance your images.

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