Pic for 1 to 1 trainingWe are now able to offer practical one-to-one and small group training in a variety of regional locations.

This offers you the chance to learn about things you want to learn about in a location suited to practising what we’re teaching. We can suggest a venue, which is suitable or you can choose one that you know.

The content of the day can be totally customised to your requirements and can be adapted for photographers of all knowledge and experience levels.

The prices for a day start at £300, and additional photographers if you wish can be added at just £50 each.

Travel costs for the lecturer may be added to this cost depending on where the event is to take place, which will be either the train fare at cost or mileage where driving is more appropiate. We have lecturers based in London and Huntingdon. We are happy to do venues, which are further away, but there may be additional travel or accommodation costs involved for us. The cost does not include entrance fees, if applicable. There is also no food or handouts provided within this cost.

We generally prefer to run these events during the week when all locations quieter,  however we can also consider weekend days training.

For more information contact Brian Hall and Nina Bailey directly on 07810 551662.


Possible options.

If you are new to photography then we can spend the whole day looking at the key settings on your camera to help you get to grips with photography. Topics will include understanding aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how they work together. Understanding mode usage and general camera overrides to get better images.  image-01
Brush up your close up and macro skills at a garden location near to you. The summer months are a great time for flowers, more general garden photography and even chasing the wee bugs, bees and beasties that abound at this time of year.  image-02
Hone your wildlife photography skills and understand the vital settings for wildlife photography at a local zoo, wildlife park or wetlands location. If you get in quick there are still a couple of weeks before the kids are off and these locations become very busy.  image-03
Learn about travel photography at a town or city near you and learn how to plan the day, see images, cope with poor conditions and get the very best travel images. Its also a great day to learn about the use of polarising filters. image-04 
Understand landscape photography in a beauty spot local to you. Learn how to make the best of the conditions and what needs to combine to get the very best results from the conditions offered on the day.  image-05
A day in one of the beautiful cathedrals around the country can teach you so much about your camera, its settings and options and understanding how to get the exposures and settings needed for both handheld and interior photography. We can also include understanding using HDR on the interior events. image-06 
We can also offer computer training on how to use Canons DPP or Photoshop at your location. The topics covered on the day can be fully tailored to your requirements.  image-07