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Clear, concise field guides to your Canon EOS camera

Meet the Pocketbook – designed as a handy guide to your camera, small enough to fit in your pocket or camera bag. Written by Senior Lecturer Nina Bailey and published by Robert Scott Publishing Ltd, publisher of EOS magazine, comes this new series of concise pocketable camera guides. Originally available for the EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 80D and EOS 7D Mark II, the range has now expanded and includes titles for more than a dozen current and recent Canom EOS cameras.

As EOS cameras become more sophisticated, so the Canon instruction manuals get longer. Whilst the manual is always essential reading, you need something a little more pocketable when out and about. Nina Bailey, Technical Editor of EOS magazine and author of the popular EOS eBook series, has the solution. These new Pocketbooks for the Canon EOS range are concise guides to the most used and confused features and controls on your camera, based on Nina s vast experience as lecturer at EOS Training Academy.

The Pocketbooks are printed in full colour and only A6 in size (105 × 148 mm), so are truly pocketable and portable. Slip one into your camera bag or pocket and your little 40-page guide is on-hand to remind you of the key controls and overrides for your camera when out in the field.

And for extra protection when out-and-about, your Pocketbook comes in a durable clear plastic pocket


£7.95 each, available from EOS magazine shop


  • Clear and concise
  • Tips and insights into how to make the features work for your photography
  • Help with menu navigation and camera familiarity
  • Compact and convenient
  • Useful aide-memoire to key controls and settings
  • Supplied with clear pocket sleeve


EOS 1DX II pocketbook cover


EOS-1D X Mark II Pocketbook

EOS 5D IV pocketbook cover


EOS 5D Mark IV Pocketbook

EOS 5DIII pocketbook cover


EOS 5D Mark III Pocketbook

EOS 5DS pocketbook cover


EOS 5DS / 5DS R Pocketbook

EOS 6D Mark II pocketbook cover


EOS 6D Mark II Pocketbook

EOS 6D pocketbook cover


EOS 6D Pocketbook

EOS 7D II pocketbook cover


EOS 7D Mark II Pocketbook

EOS 7D pocketbook cover


EOS 7D Pocketbook

EOS 80D pocketbook cover


EOS 80D Pocketbook

EOS 77D pocketbook cover


EOS 77D Pocketbook

EOS 70D pocketbook cover


EOS 70D Pocketbook

EOS 800D pocketbook cover


EOS 800D Pocketbook

EOS 760D pocketbook cover


EOS 760D Pocketbook

EOS 750D pocketbook cover


EOS 750D Pocketbook

EOS 200D pocketbook cover


EOS 200D Pocketbook

EOS 1300D pocketbook cover


EOS 1300D Pocketbook

EOS M5 pocketbook cover


EOS M5 Pocketbook

EOS 1DX pocketbook cover 


EOS-1D X Pocketbook