BG DPP and RAW workflow V4.10.0 2019 update

FIFTH EDITION – revised for 2020
361 pages Price £14.95

This revised edtion will be available to purchase soon

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This has been completely revised in 2020 for version 4.12 including the numerous new features and options that the programme now has. The book has been revamped into the new format with an extensive reference section and expanded explanations on all the features making it over 150 pages longer than the previous edition. The book is equally applicable to Mac or PC users.
The book now includes a new section about the HDR PQ format which is an emerging way of processing images to replicate the dynamic range and colours that are seen by the human eye. Although available was a mode on the EOS 1DX Mark III this is also applicable in post-production to the EOS R and 5D Mark IV models.

Although initially the programme looks very similar to previous releases there are a number of additional options that have been added including a new monochrome feature within the Clarity options, Colour adjust palette, RAW mode options, Cloud processing and RAW movie to name but a few.


The advantage of using Canon’s own software to process your Raw images is that it will take a lot of the things that need to be done to the image from the camera and apply them to the RAW files as they open, minimising the amount that needs to be done to each image. Yet at the same time all the corrections can be changed if you feel that the settings were not right for the image.

Although called a beginner’s guide, which Nina has written assuming little or no knowledge of RAW processing. The book looks in depth at the complete program and could possibly be called a complete guide to Digital Photo Professional.

Nina's wide ranging training experience allows her to understand the areas where photographers often struggle with in post-production and many of the expanded sections that have been added into the book or included to help understand why the feature is used as much as how to use it. The book is richly illustrated with images showing the effect that the corrections give and when they should be used.


• Extensive reference section explaining the terms in post-production
• Explanation of the workflow process and all the steps
• The basics of colour management monitor balances and colour space explained
• Downloading and filing your images
• Understanding the RAW and JPEG file format
• Understanding the new CR3 and CRAW options
• Understanding RAW workflow
• Understanding the navigation of DPP
• Understanding the menus in DPP
• Linking Raw and JPEG files
• Sorting images using he quick check tool
• Why we do adjustments
• Understanding the tool palettes
• Basic adjustments for images
• Basic saving of finished images
• Understanding what the corrections all do
• Using the options to correct images
• Using the corrections to be creative with your images
• Understanding sharpening and why its needed
• Batch processing images
• Using recipes to bulk correct images
• How to straighten RAW images
• How to remove dust spots and unwanted parts of an image
• How to crop RAW images
• Understanding the advanced corrections
• RAW Burst processing
• Focus Bracketing processing
• HDR processing
• HDR PQ format and processing options explained
• Compositing images
• Dual Pixel RAW processing
• Lens corrections within the software
• Using the rename options
• Printing from DPP
• Movie options

A random selection of pages from the book are shown below.

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