Canon photography for beginners

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This book is aimed at those that are new to photography, or those who have been doing photography for a while but feel they've never really got to grips with understanding the key settings that are used in photography. The book could also be a very good refresher for those who have had an extended gap in their photography and are only just getting back into photography having never used digital before. 

The book looks at the basic knowledge which you need to understand Canon EOS camera successfully and will fill in many gaps for many photographers. The range of topics within the book is extensive starting off looking at the range and the basic understanding you need to use things such as live view and operating the controls as well as understanding the viewfinders information. The book has many tables throughout which allow you to look up the feature and options for your model. 

The book looks at the photographic terms and also some of the jargon that gets banded about in photography and explains it in depth to help you understand the terms that will be used in the rest of the book. This doesn't just include what some people consider the basics of shutter speed aperture ISO, but also things such as picture noise, camera terms, lens explanations, quality settings and even post production terms which are all relative to understanding the shooting process when you start out in photography.

The book takes an in depth look at the displays on the camera and explains what the icons indicate and where you will find the various displays, including where the options are for changing the display that you are getting. Within the display section we also look at histograms and what they tell you, and additionally looks at where they are useful when assessing the images that you're taking. 

The book looks at setting up the camera including the date and language settings as well as understanding the navigation to move easily around the menus. In addition we look at topics which photographers are often confused by, including dioptric adjustments, getting the best out of batteries, memory cards, filters, lens hoods and then some of the more practical things such as the best straps, camera bags and tripods to use with your Canon camera. 

The book takes an in depth look at the basics zone exposure modes and all the overrides offered within them. It’s often thought that these are completely automatic modes, but on the later cameras they do give you quite a large degree of control and can simplify shooting significantly. We look at each mode individually and explain both its positives and where applicable, the problems you might encounter within it. We also look at some of the common overrides within these modes including creative filters and the creative assist options. 

The book goes on to look at three of the easier to use creative zone modes, Program, Time value mode and Aperture value mode, looking at how you use these modes and the settings that are used within them. The creative zone modes allow you to use the full range of overrides available on the camera, so we also look at some of the key overrides that you need to understand to use your camera effectively including the Autofocus settings, White balance, Auto lighting optimizer and Picture Styles.

One of the areas photographers struggle with to start with, is understanding the options provided within Canon's vast lens range of over 80 lenses. So we look at choosing lenses and the effects provided by different lenses within the range, to help you choose an outfit with a minimum amount of overlap but maximum versatility.

The penultimate chapter in the book looks at some of the rules of composition and helps you to understand how to create more interesting looking images. The final chapter gives you a little introduction to workflow and looks at downloading filing and sorting the images that you've taken. 

Topics included in the ebook

  • Understanding the Canon EOS range 
  • understanding the difference that the sensor size makes to the images you shoot 
  • understanding the general layout and operation of an EOS camera 
  • understanding some of the key photographic terms and jargon that you will encounter 
  • understanding the quality settings and which options are best 
  • learn to understand the camera displays and what they are telling you 
  • learn about the navigation on your camera and how to set the controls quickly and effectively 
  • lots of advice about accessories for your camera including bags, tripod and straps 
  • get to grips with the basic zone exposure modes and how to use them to get better pictures 
  • understand the overrides you have available within the basics zone exposure modes 
  • start to think about how to get better images 
  • understand the creative zone modes and when they are used as well as the key controls used within them 
  • learn the main overrides that your camera offers within the creative modes including focusing controls 
  • learn about lenses and which ones will give you specific effects within the images you take 
  • learn about the rules of composition and how you can get images that simply look better 
  • understand the basics of workflow and image handling 


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