Understanding the EOS R6

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Get up to speed quickly with your Canon EOS R6 camera with this comprehensive guide.

Learn how to use your camera and its sophisticated features, like the new in-body image stabilisation system and powerful focusing to improve your results. This book will give you a leg-up the steep learning curve and help you get camera confident so you can shoot your chosen subjects successfully.

This book goes much further than the manual, explaining in simple-to-understand terms what the features are used for and when to combine them, in addition to how to set those features on your camera.

Whether you're new to photography, or self-taught with some previous experience, there's an introductory section  And how some features usage will have changed with this new model used in addition to covering the significant amount of more advance features that will be used by those that also have the DSLR EOS models. The book also looks at the wide range of customisations that this model offers.

With such a wide range of features this is a camera that must be fully understood to enable the photographers to get the very best out of. It would also be fair to say that due to many of the cameras new and innovative features the way we shoot needs to change to get the full benefit out of this camera and the book is comprehensive in explaining how and why.

This eBook is designed to get you up to speed and your camera configured with the features you need, as quickly as possible and this illustrated with lots of images that explain how features work and screen images to show how the features are set.


• Understanding the EOS R6 and its system
• Camera orientation and understanding the key controls
• Display options on the EOS R
• Understanding the settings, we use
• Understanding the Exposure mode option including the new FV mode
• How the ISO, shutter speed and apertures interact
• How to see the settings you took the image with
• Understanding the Q screen and its controls
• The autofocus methods explained
• Subject detection explained
• Case settings and how to use them
• The autofocus system explained
• Advanced focusing controls
• Understanding the exposure overrides
• Understanding the menu system
• Understanding the key overrides on the EOS R
• Understanding the playback options
• Understanding the image processing option
• Using custom button controls
• Setting up and using the My Menu system
• The custom functions explained
• Setting up and understanding the customisations
• Understanding the image processing options
• Understanding basic Wi-Fi usage
• Understanding basic movie operation


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