Understanding Speedlite Flash
by Nina Bailey

265 pages long

Understanding Speedlite Flash

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A completely new book about Speedlite flash and how to make the most of it, written in 2020 and including all the new flash features that have appeared on the new models since 2018. This book has been written in Nina’s new format and includes a detailed reference section at the start ensuring that you understand all the topics the necessary when shooting with flash. 


The book aims to unravel what is seen by many photographers as the black art of using flash. Today's speed light system is actually very simple to use, once you grasp some of the key rules of flash photography. It also helps to trust some of the camera technology rather than taking control yourself. 


The book looks at the options you have when it comes to choosing a flashgun including the built-in flash and macro flash guns. The book discusses the exposure modes and the settings on the Quick control screen that are affected by using flash. This is an area of photography where you need to use specific settings rather than what you would normally choose to use. Many photographers fail to appreciate that switching to manual mode for example, turns off the automatic fill in flash reduction that the flash guns all offer.


Since 2007 the flashguns are all able to be set via the cameras menu system. This makes the setting up of the flashgun much simpler with menus which are the same layout as we are all familiar with on the cameras. We look at all the menu controls in depth and explain when the various options should be used.


The book looks at the various flash modes that can be used, there's actually is 7 in total between all the different flash units and discusses when the options should be used. We also look at all of the custom functions that are available to set on the flashguns via the cameras menu system.

The book then has sections advising on how to get the best results for different types of flash photography. There are sections included on indoor portraits, outdoor portraits and macro and studio flash scenarios.


The book touches very briefly on the use of wireless flash however there is a companion book which will be available in the future which looks in depth at using Speedlite wireless flash. 


Topics included in the ebook

  • Camera compatibility 
  • Flash compatibility 
  • Understanding ambient and flashlight 
  • Understanding camera settings for flash 
  • Understanding flashing speeds 
  • The different types of flashlight 
  • Flash synchronisation speeds 
  • Second curtain sync 
  • High speed flash synchronisation 
  • Ettl flash mode 
  • Manual flash mode 
  • Multi flash mode 
  • Flash exposure compensation 
  • Flash exposure bracketing 
  • Flash exposure lock 
  • Techniques for improving flash indoors 
  • Understanding how to utilise ambient light with flash 
  • How to manage different colour temperatures with flash 
  • How to use flash for fill in outside 
  • Overcoming ambient light problems when using flash 
  • Using flash for macro subjects 
  • Specialist macro flash guns 
  • How to get black backgrounds 
  • Product shooting with flash 
  • Overcoming common exposure errors 



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