How to Shoot Birds in Flight
by Nina Bailey

2ND EDITION 254 pages long

How to shoot Birds in Flight

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Revised version of this best selling book that has been updated to include all the latest technology and cameras. Nina has added a lot of content into this book, increasing the page count by 65 pages over the previous version. The name has also been revised to bring it in line with the latest series of books.

Shooting birds in flight is highly rewarding when successful, but a technically challenging area of photography. In this latest eBook Nina guides you through the settings, creative and technical processes of capturing birds in flight, whether in a captive setting or in the wild.

With digital camera technology advancing rapidly in the last few years the ability to capture these actions shots is no longer restricted to professional series cameras. Nina has also looked at the potential of mirrorless models and included the R and RP models in this version and explain how they can be used for this type of photography with some customizations and a bit of determination. Nina looks at what features are important for this type of bird photography and also considers the impact of lens choice, not only in terms of performance but also from the perspective of manageability when out in the field.

The book also includes detailed explanation on the f8 extender compatibility and the new f11 compatibility which is fast becoming a standard part of camera specification.

Framing, lighting and composition are also explored in-depth and as always the techniques are illustrated with hundreds of Nina's own images from around the world.

• Camera choice and why it is so important
• Lens choice and what features to look for
• How image stabilisation affects shooting birds in flight
• Understanding extender compatibility
• The settings needed for birds in flight
• Correction utilisation of ISO
• Configuring ISO settings on the advanced models
• Understanding the shutter speeds needed
• How to get enough light for the settings you need
• How the aperture affects your images of birds in flight
• Mode choice for shooting birds in flight
• Understanding exposure
• Overcoming problem exposures
• Focusing mode usage
• Focusing point selection
• Understanding and selecting the right AF area
• How the focusing set up is different on the advanced models
• Focusing customisations
• Case settings usage and options
• Understanding the focusing and drive setting relationships
• Understanding panning techniques
• Understanding how lighting affects your exposure
• Why the backgrounds cause exposure problems
• Why the direction of light affects your images
• How the weather affects your images
• Framing and composition techniques for birds in flight


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