How to shoot Close-up and Macro

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Shooting Close up and Macro subjects can be challenging at the best of times. This eBook looks at all the techniques that you need to master to get the very best images as well as looking at some of the more advanced techniques such as Focus Bracketing or Stacking as it is sometimes called.

The book starts with a Reference section that has been written especially for this ebook that looks at the terms and settings that you need to understand in reference to shooting these types of subjects to make the most of the ebook.

Written in 2020 the ebook includes techniques for both traditional DSLR models and also looks at how Mirrorless change some of the ways that we work. The techniques are given for both DSLR and Mirrorless models.

There has also been included a lot more on explaining why some specific settings are used and more guidance as to setting the options on the EOS models.

This title has been significantly expanded over her previous The essential guide to close up and macro photography with extra content in almost all chapter reflecting the changing trends and features going on in the EOS range at the moment.

• What is close-up photography
• What is macro photography
• Understanding the magnifications we use
• How to get the magnifications we need
• Understanding extension tubes
• The best lenses to use extension tubes on
• The difference between extension tubes and extender for macro
• Understanding the range of macro lenses available
• The difference between telephoto and wide angle macro lenses
• Settings needed for close-up photography
• Understanding why macro needs different settings
• How to get the light you need
• Focusing for close-up and macro photography
• Understanding depth of field for close-up and macro
• Focus bracketing techniques
• Framing for close up and macro images
• Evaluating the settings needed for the shot
• Shooting with additional lighting
• LED lights vs flash usage
• Flash options for macro photography
• How to use flash for macro photography
• Wireless flash options for macro photography
• How to achieve a black background


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