Understanding the EOS 250D

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This ebook is specifically aimed at photographers who have the EOS 250D model and are looking for a comprehensive guide to help them get up to speed with this exciting new model.

Nina has produced two books on most models up till now, due to restrictions of the page count on our ebook system, but now downloads are faster and greater data sizes can be accommodated the two volumes have been combined into one giving a comprehensive manual on how to use this new model. This has eliminated the need for duplication between volumes and has allowed more detailed explanations of many features.

The book has been designed to help those both new to photography, or self-taught with more experience, with a look at the key settings used.

With such a wide range of features this is a camera that has to be fully understood to enable the photographers to get the very best out of. This eBook is designed to get you up to speed and your camera configured with the features you need, as quickly as possible.

• Camera orientation and understanding the key controls
• Display options on the EOS 250D
• Understanding the settings, we use
• Understanding the Exposure modes
• How the ISO, shutter speed and apertures interact
• How to see the settings you took the image with
• Understanding the Q screen and its controls
• The autofocus system explained
• Focusing areas and when to use them
• Live view focusing areas and when to use them
• Live view options explained
• Understanding the basic exposure overrides
• Understanding the menu system
• Understanding the key overrides on the EOS 250D
• Understanding the playback options
• Understanding the image processing option
• Setting up and using the My Menu system
• The custom functions explained
• Understanding basic Wi-Fi usage


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