Understanding the EOS 1DX Mark II

179 pages Price £12.95

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This ebook is aimed at photographers who have upgraded to the EOS 1DX Mark II from earlier EOS 1D series or models from further down the range and need to get to grips quickly with the new layout and menu systems as well as understanding in depth some of the key overrides that the camera offers.

This guide looks in depth at:

• Camera orientation and understanding the key controls
• Understanding the menu systems on the EOS 1DX Mark II
• Getting the camera set up to how you want it to work
• Understanding the exposure modes
• The Q button and screen and what the settings all do
• Understanding file formats
• Understanding the exposure overrides
• Understanding white balance options
• Understanding picture styles
• Understanding the auto lighting optimizer
• Understanding the metering settings
• Understanding the new playback options
• Settings up and getting started using the cameras focusing system effectively
• Setting up and using the My menu system
• Understanding the basic operation of live view and movie modes
• The camera operational differences in live view and movie mode
• Using the focusing system within live view and movie modes


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