Nina has produced a range of the books, which are written especially for Canon EOS users. The books are written and produced by Nina and our friends at EOS magazine provide the download service. The books were launched in January 2014 and the range is expanding rapidly. The books are already getting great feedback from customers.


Got a few new and love them.



Got them all. Comprehensive, informative and easy reading. Well worth the money



Nina’s e-books are so inspirational, I have bought them ALL.  They are interesting, informative, very ‘user friendly’ and uncomplicated.  Beautifully presented with superb photography and clear instructions.  They can be viewed on your computer and on your iPad.  The convenience of having the books on my iPad means I can access them anywhere at any time.



Nina's ebook series is a great source of practical and insightful guidance to growing one's photographic skills and enhancing enjoyment from photography. I look forward to those ebooks yet to come.




Excellent - a much easier way of learning than DVDs.




The ebooks are fantastic.  I have bought 3 so far landscape, travel and seeing images.  I have them all on my mini iPad so they're extremly portable and i can dip in and out of them.  I'll definitely be purchasing more.




Nina has had many years experience both as a photographer within the travel market and in producing images for the training, DVDs, presentations and articles that she writes.

Nina's eBooks are produced as a PDF and are easily downloaded via the interface provided by EOS magazine onto PCs, Macs, Tablets such as an iPad and stored on your device for reading without being connected to the Internet. The books can also be downloaded onto multiple devices.

eBooks offer the advantage of no minimum quantity production and so this enables more specialist titles to be produced than will be seen in normal printed books. They are also more easily carried around than the conventional printed book and can be viewed on tablet or smart device in the field.

The range of books currently available is shown below. Simply click on the cover of book to see more details and also access 20 page preview of each copy.


 GSW 800D


187 pages Price £7.95

   MAST 800D


189 pages Price £7.95

 GSW 77D



187 pages Price £7.95

   EG Birds In Flight 2017


189 pages Price £9.95

 BG DPP and RAW V4.0 2017

 Updated 2017 edition


175 pages Price £7.95

   MAST 77D


194 pages Price £7.95

 Understanding the EOS 5D Mark IV

180 pages Price £9.95


Mastering your EOS 5D Mark IV


184 pages Price £9.95

BG Action


110 pages Price £6.95

   Beginners guide to the EOS 5D Mark IV


132 pages Price £6.95


146 pages Price £7.95



Mastering your EOS 7D

156 pages Price £7.95


BG Lowlight

122 pages Price £6.95




158 pages Price £7.95


GSW 1300D

162 pages Price £4.95



MAST 1300D

152 pages Price £4.95


GSW 700D

166 pages Price £7.95




150 pages Price £7.95



186 pages Price £7.95



Mastering the EOS 80D

200 pages Price £7.95


GSW 750D

172 pages Price £7.95




164 pages Price £7.95


GSW 7D Mark II

160 pages Price £7.95



GSW 70D cover

170 pages Price £7.95


GSW 760D cover

174 pages Price £7.95



MAST 760D cover

166 pages Price £7.95



This book has been updated and revised to include 

changes in the 2017 version of DPP 4.

UG 5DS and 5DSR

198 pages Price £9.95



130 pages Price £7.95

BG Flowers and gardens

128 pages Price £6.95



 BG Zoos

 116 pages Price £6.95

BG Birds

 108 pages Price £6.95 



 208 pages Price £7.95

Upgrading to the EOS 6D

182 pages Price £7.95


Upgrading to the EOS 70D

 182 pages Price £7.95

 Upgrading to the EOS 5D Mark III

 195 pages Price £7.95


 EG flash

 169 pages Price £7.95

The British Photographic Year

188 pages Price £7.95

 EG Black and White


143 pages Price £7.95


INSIGHT travel part 1

185 pages Price £6.95

Purchase with Part 2 for just £10


 INSIGHT travel Part 2jpg

172 pages Price £6.95

Purchase with Part 1 for just £10


EG Lowlight 

 180 pages Price £7.95

EG Advanced EOS Features

188 pages Price £4.95


 EG photography

 169 pages Price £4.95

EG family portraits

161 pages Price £7.95


The essential guide to capturing birds in flight

This book has been updated and revised to include 

Now includes 7D Mark II, 5D Mark IV, 1DX Mark II,

80D, 750D, 760D, 77D, 800D 6D Mark II and 200D

EG Close up and macro


145 pages Price £7.95



EG Landscapes


139 pages Price £7.95


EG Light


151 pages Price £4.95



EG Seeing final


140 pages Price £4.95


EG Travel Photography


148 pages Price £7.95



EG Wildlife final


177 pages Price £7.95



We currently have in stock printed copies of the following eBooks
P&P is £4.50 for the first book and an additional £2 for each additional book on the same order.
Getting started with the EOS 70D   £20
Getting started with the EOS 80D   £23
Mastering the EOS 80D   £23
Upgrading to the EOS 6D   £20
Upgrading to the EOS 70D    £20
Upgrading to the EOS 7D Mark II   £23
Upgrading to the EOS 5D Mark III   £23
Upgrading to the EOS 5DS/5DSR   £23
The essential guide to close up and macro   £20
The essential guide to the British photographic year   £25
The essential guide to travel photography   £20
Beginners guide to zoo photography   £20
Beginners guide to DPP 4 and RAW workflow   £20

For any others please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Nina will respond a let you know when the ebooks are likely to be run as printed copied. We currently do have orders for a number of other titles but need another order or two before we can print so please let us know you are interested.

Payment is preferred by BACs (details sent when you email me) or by cheque.