Interior photography (180116P)

Tuesday 16 January 2018, 11:15 - 16:00 , Southwark Cathedral (London)

Interior photography practicalIMG 8648 Ely cathedral March 2013 5D Mark III web

This event is a full day of hands-on practical tuition in some of the country’s most beautiful cathedrals.

We look at a diverse range of topics throughout the day, helping to build confidence in shooting great images in a wide range of environments. The shooting conditions in cathedrals make them ideal for learning about particular areas of photography, such as metering, using Live View to assess colour and exposure, HDR and using the camera manually to overcome common exposure problems. This event is also great for getting to grips with shooting hand-held in low light and learning how to eliminate camera shake.

By the end of the day you will be confident shooting in low-light conditions and getting your exposures right in a wider variety of conditions.

Learn about:

 – The thought process for interior photography
 – How to use the Live View options
 – Using K and custom white balance settings
 – Why shooting manually can give consistent results
 – Exposure and exposure compensation
 – Coping with high contrast lighting
 – Using AEB to produce bracketed images
 – HDR and when it’s useful for interior photography

You will need:

Bring a sturdy tripod with a good tripod head that allows the camera to be positioned vertically as well as horizontally. You will need your camera with a standard kit lens fitted. It will be useful to have a telephoto lens up to about 200m, as would a wide-angle lens. Make sure you have a spare battery or two.

Suitable for:

All EOS camera owners, with a firm grasp of the basic principles of photography.

Course cost is for tuition only. Entry fees and refreshments not included in price.


Cost of Event: £149.00
Maximum number on event: 5
Lecturer: Nina Bailey
Spaces left for this event: 3
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Location Southwark Cathedral (London)
London Bridge

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