093A4872 EOS R London Night Jan 2019

I’m going into new territory. Exploring new worlds. And exposing new depths of my nerdiness to you and the EOS team. (Yes, you can now add sci-fi to my long list of guilty geeky pleasures, which already includes tram driving and gaming.)

In my 16 years as an EOS lady, I’ve witnessed significant changes in photography. Since my days processing customers' film on a one-hour service in Loughton high street it’s changed even more. Look back further, when many voiced rejection of autofocus technology. Yet how often nowadays do you shoot with manual focus?

The resistance towards using other automated features, such as Auto ISO, Program mode or even Evaluative metering remains strong in some quarters. Why?

Resistance is futile.

Shooting manually doesn’t make you a photographer. No-one will know which shooting mode you used to capture the image. It’s the results that count. And whatever we have at our disposal to benefit our photography – from image capture to workflow – should be used to our advantage.

My advice? Be more Borg.

Assimilate the technology that others – namely Canon – has worked hard to develop. Just as sat nav has replaced map reading, just as emails have replaced letters, you need to keep your camera skills up-to-date to improve your results.

And you can assimilate all the knowledge you want from our team of Canon-trained tutors. You’ll be a superior being at the end of it.

Just like these members of our Canon collective.

Claire (aka Borg Queen)

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