Printed music

This was one of our most responded to newsletter topics so far this year. It certainly struck a chord...

My violin teacher at school frequently told me during my lessons that the saying 'Practice makes perfect' was flawed.

“Good practice makes perfect”, he clarified.

There’s not much use in practising something, if you’re making the same mistakes over and over again. You won’t improve that way. And you certainly won’t improve if you don’t understand what the mistakes are or, more importantly, how to correct them.

To improve, you need to learn… from a reliable source, whether that’s from your instruction manual (boring, I know), through a magazine (I can recommend a great magazine for your Canon EOS photography) or by having tuition.

And that’s relevant, whatever your instrument.

Now, whilst I routinely went to my music lessons every week, I didn’t practise. So I didn’t improve. I had the information I needed to be able to do so, but I didn’t put in the time.

Practice is 50% of your investment, learning is the other 50%.

So if you’re determined to improve your photography this year, make two commitments. One is to learn about your camera – and if you’re looking for lessons, you're in the right place – and the other is to make the time to practise your photography.

Sadly I can’t recall my music teacher’s name, most probably because I never took the lessons that seriously. Nevertheless his words stuck, even if the musicality didn't.


Claire Barrett