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This eBook takes a simple, non-technical approach to photographing flowers and gardens. It's especially written for users of Canon EOS cameras and looks at the topics that you need to understand to take some great close ups of flowers and more general shots of gardens.

The book features a number of practical assignments that follow up on the topics taught in each chapter and is designed to reinforce the things that you have learnt.

To photograph flowers you are shooting using close up and sometimes macro techniques, which can be quite a complex area of photography. Nina has simplified down the processes and explains how the camera is best used to capture flowers whatever size they are. She also looks at the ways to get the flowers to fill the frame and why macro lenses are not always the best lenses to be using and are often not needed.

• About photographing flowers
• About photographing gardens
• Equipment requirements
• Explanation of sensor size and which is best
• Lens requirements
• Explanation of lens jargon
• The simple modes to get started
• The modes that allow you more control
• Understanding the focusing set up
• Understanding ISO settings needed
• Understanding shutter speeds and how they are used
• Understanding apertures and how they are used
• Understanding depth of field and how to control it
• Understanding the viewfinder information
• Using the overrides for flower and garden photography
• Correcting exposure errors using simple overrides
• Understanding framing
• Thinking about how much to include
• Controlling backgrounds
• Understanding lighting
• How the seasons affect the opportunities
• What to shoot in each season
• Plus lots of other hints and tips


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