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This eBook takes a simple, non technical approach to photographing animals and birds in captivity. It’s especially written for users of Canon EOS cameras and looks at the topics that you need to understand to take some great pictures when visiting zoos and safari parks around the country.

The book features a number of practical assignments that follow up on the topics taught in each chapter and is designed to reinforce the things that you have learnt.

The techniques are simply explained and all the “jargon” so often seen in photography, is demystified.

Nina has over 20 years experience in teaching photographers at all levels of experience, from novice up seasoned professionals and she knows where the problems can occur and how to utilise some of the automation on the camera to make the shots easier to take. This book concentrates on giving you the knowledge that is essential for the best possible images.


  • About photographing in zoos
  • Choosing the best times to shoot
  • Understanding the shooting problems
  • Equipment requirements
  • Explanation of sensor size and which is best for zoo photography
  • Lens requirements
  • Explanation of lens jargon
  • The simple modes to get started
  • The modes that allow you more control
  • Understanding the focusing set up for static subjects in zoos
  • Understanding ISO for zoo photography
  • Understanding shutter speeds and how they are used
  • Understanding apertures and how they are used
  • Understanding the viewfinder information
  • Setting up the camera for moving subjects
  • Understanding framing at zoos
  • Controlling backgrounds
  • Lowlight shooting in zoos
  • Understanding the lighting for your subject
  • Other subjects to shoot at zoos

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