INSIGHT travel part 1

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Over the many years that I have been involved with photography and teaching other photographers, a topic that always crops up is how specific images are taken. Sometimes it is the mode they were shot on, other times it’s the overrides that are used that will be of interest.

The thought process that went into the image also has always been a popular topic of discussion. In a number of the ebooks I have written, I have looked at a few images and explained how and why they have been taken. However I always try and keep this a little generic, as all images have their own reasons why a specific setting was used.

Additionally in the ebooks I am normally selecting an image, as it is a good illustration of a technique, rather than being one of my favourite images. In the Insight books I have decided to produce a very different type of book, one that looks at some of my own personal favourite images and explains in depth how they were taken and some of the background information behind the image.

I have selected 100 images for each volume, the travel one has had to be split into two parts as it covers such a broad range of topics and for each image I have given a little information about the location and then the settings used to take the image and the thought process that would have gone into taking the image.

I have also put a lot of additional information into the book such as why I shoot in a specific mode so much of the time, or how a feature works and why it is used. I have also covered popular topics such how climatic conditions affect cameras and the best way to travel with all the equipment.

The information for the technical settings used was taken from the EXIF data saved with each file for accuracy, but I am also fortunate to have a very good memory, which has served me well for filling in the other aspects of the shot.

You will also find a bit more of my slightly quirky humour emerging in this book, as the nature of the book lends itself to this style of presentation. I have arranged the ebook into distinct sections that will make it useful as a reference guide in addition to it being an entertaining read packed with information about how I approach taking images.

Part 1

  • Planning the trip
  • What to take
  • General things about how I shoot
  • How new technology should change the way we shoot
  • Towns and cities
  • Scenery
  • Capturing the character
  • After dark
  • People
  • Interiors
  • Special lighting
  • Action
  • Water
  • Capturing the little things
  • Festivals and shows
  • Statues and art
  • Inclement weather
  • Filters and effects


A random selection of pages from the book are shown below.


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