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Canon has made significant improvements to lowlight capabilities in its cameras over the past few years, but this doesn't prevent lowlight photography remaining a difficult and challenging area to master. This new eBook from Nina Bailey, experienced lecturer and former member of Canon staff, looks at all the areas you need to understand to get great images of lowlight subjects.

Light, or the lack of it, is the key element to master. Nina explains how light affects the images you take and how to cope with some of the extreme contrasts often encountered in situations with low light levels. Framing, lens usage, exposure and white balance are covered in-depth.

There's a section on how to tackle different subjects, ranging from interiors of churches and cathedrals through to stage shows, from the northern lights and sunset through to nighttime illuminations.

Nina also provides information on post-production techniques, looking in particular at combining HDR files, using Photoshop Elements and Canon's own Digital Photo Professional software.

Packed with stunning images across a broad selection of lowlight subjects and 180 pages long.


Topics included in the ebook

  • Approaches to lowlight photography
  • Understanding the challenges of lowlight photography
  • Analysing images
  • Understanding when you can take a successful image
  • Equipment selection for lowlight photography
  • How the lenses we shoot with change the images we take
  • What are the best times of day to shoot
  • What are the best times of year to visit
  • Understanding why where you shoot will change the images you can take
  • Understanding the lighting and how it affects the images you take
  • Camera settings for lowlight images
  • How to get the right exposure for the images you take
  • Using live view to asses colour and exposure settings
  • Understanding what can and cannot be achieved
  • Using the right settings for the effect you want
  • What HDR is and when it can be useful
  • Getting the colour right for interior images
  • Creative use of white balance settings
  • How to get the framing right
  • What post production is useful with lowlight and interior images
  • A look at HDR post production with Digital Photo Professional and Photoshop
  • A look at specific techniques for many areas of lowlight photography


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