EG Advanced EOS Features

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Canon EOS cameras now have some fantastic technology and features on them.  These features can help to make photography easier, and also many of them will give you better image quality. But that’s only if you understand what they do and how to set and use them.

One of the things that often surprises photographers is how similar all the different EOS models are.  The layout of the buttons varies a little bit but most of the cameras have almost all the same features.

The similarity of all the models has enabled Nina to produce an e-book that is relevant to all the Canon EOS DSLR models.  This e-book will enable you to expand your understanding of your camera, and the features and functions that it has.

This book is designed to complement the essential guide to photography with EOS cameras. Taking over where that book leaves off.

This book will also be a great asset to more advanced photographers to help them expand the usage of the cameras into these advanced features.

In the focusing chapter Nina looks at the focusing setup of the general EOS range but has also included sections on the more specialist features that are found on the EOS 70D, EOS 7D, 5D Mark III and 1DX models.  On these models Nina also looks at the various focusing point options, customisation of the focusing system and how to make the most of it for action photography.

There also sections on white balance, metering, menu options, customisations and custom modes. This is a volume that should be in the reference library of all EOS photographers.

  • Image processing overrides
  • Understanding picture styles
  • Customising picture styles
  • Long exposure noise reduction
  • High ISO noise reduction
  • Understanding the auto lighting optimizer
  • Lens aberration correction
  • Understanding the HDR mode
  • Understanding exposure overrides
  • Understanding metering overrides
  • Understanding highlight warnings and histograms
  • Focusing systems overrides
  • Understanding how the camera focuses
  • Understanding why the focusing sometimes cannot work
  • Advanced model focusing options
  • Understanding case settings on 5D Mark III and 1DX
  • Understanding the advanced white balance overrides
  • Understanding what white balance is actually doing
  • Understanding useful menu options
  • Understanding and programming custom shooting modes
  • Understanding live view usage
  • Using live view to assess exposure and white balanc
  • Evaluating when to use these options



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