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In this e-book Nina takes a no nonsense approach to understanding photography with EOS cameras. This reference volume should be in the library of every new photographer, the self taught and those who learned shooting film and sometimes struggle to get the images they want with digital cameras.

Nina starts off by explaining the things that you need to think about when shooting images and then to goes on to make sure that you get the grounding you need in the key things you have to understand in depth, to take images successfully with your digital EOS.

This ebook also looks at mode usage and how the basics zone modes vary from the creative modes. Nina also takes a look at the overrides that are used commonly within the creative modes, what they do, and how they are applied.

The book also takes a basic look at the use of flash, when it should be used and some of the basic things you need to understand to use it successfully.

The book finishes off by giving some key hints and tips as to how to photograph some of commonly tackled areas of photography, to give you and insight as to how to take successful images of these subjects.

  • What makes successful images
  • The part lenses play within photography
  • Understanding lenses
  • Camera sensor size and lenses
  • Understanding lens jargon
  • Understanding the settings we use
  • ISO – what it sets and when to use it
  • About the high ISO settings and when they need to be used
  • Understanding what the aperture does
  • Understanding the correct use of the aperture settings
  • How the ISO, shutter speed and apertures interact
  • How to see the settings you shot at
  • Problem exposures and why they happen
  • Understanding the PIC and scene modes
  • Understanding the creative modes
  • Understanding the versatility of the program mode
  • When and how to shoot manually
  • Understanding the focusing overrides
  • Understanding the white balance overrides
  • Understanding the exposure overrides
  • Understanding how flash can be used
  • The thought process we use in photography
  • Understanding what light does to our images


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