EG family portraits

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This is a topic that all photographers will shoot at times. It's a challenging area, whether its photographing children or adults, few are keen on being photographed and so the photographer has to work quickly and confidently to achieve the very best results.


In this eBook Nina looks at the areas that are important to understand and why, as in all areas of photography, the lighting is key to getting the best result. However when we shoot portraits flash is so often the key to getting the very best results. Most of the current models feature a built in flash which can be so effective when used for fill in flash, yet so often photographers assume that it's of little or no use.

Nina looks at the techniques for both available light and flash photography and explains where and when the external flash units will have an advantage over the built in flash. This book assumes that the vast majority of the time you will be shooting with the flash on camera to keep the techniques simple.

• Approaches to family portraits
• Equipment for family portraits
• Camera and lens selection
• Coping with different light levels
• Using lenses to control background effects
• Understanding flash equipment options
• Understanding the lighting effects on your images
• Thinking about the background in your images
• What settings are best to use with available light
• What settings are best to use with flash
• Understanding the shutter speed use with flash
• Understanding how both flash and ambient light affect each other
• Focusing set up for portraits
• Focusing settings for action portraits
• Mode options and how they affect flash usage
• White balance settings for portraits
• Camera override settings for portraits
• Framing for portraits
• Posing your subjects
• Different ways of shooting with flash
• Understanding how flash can be used
• How to produce fill in flash
• Overcoming problems using balanced flash



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