187 pages long, £9.95

Buy 'Getting started with the EOS 77D' eBook by Nina Bailey or click the cover to preview the eBook

In this eBook, Nina takes a no-nonsense approach to understanding photography and learning how to use your EOS 77D camera. This reference volume will be ideal for those new to photography, the self taught and those who learnt on film and sometimes struggle to get the images they want with digital cameras.

Nina starts off by explaining the basic terms used within photography and then looks using the Basic zone modes to the full. Nina then to goes on to make sure that you have the grounding you need to understand in depth, to take images successfully with your digital EOS using the creative modes. Nina also looks at some of the overrides that are used commonly within the creative modes, what they do and how they are applied.

Nina looks at why the lenses you use play such an important part in capturing your images as you want them and explains some of the terms commonly associated with lenses.

The book finishes off by looking at the thought process that needs to take place to get the very best images and looks at how things such as lighting can affect the images that you are shooting.

• Camera sensor size and lenses
• Understanding the settings, we use
• ISO – what it sets and when to use it
• About the high ISO settings and when they need to be used
• Understanding what the aperture does
• How the ISO, shutter speed and apertures interact
• How to see the settings you took the image with
• Problem exposures and why they happen
• Understanding the PIC and scene modes
• Understanding the creative modes
• Understanding the versatility of the program mode
• Understanding the focusing settings
• Understanding the basic exposure overrides
• What makes successful images
• The part lenses play within photography
• Understanding lenses
• Understanding lens jargon
• The thought process we use in photography
• Understanding what light does to our images


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