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This is an area that some photographers struggle with. How to see the potential in a scene or subject and then how to capture it at its best is key to getting the images you want. In this eBook, Nina breaks down the seeing of images into small bite size chunks and explains how different things affect the framing and composition of your images.

Nina looks at the photographic elements that actually form the main composition of the images you shoot and explains how they affect the images. She also looks at why using the right lens is vital to get the effect that you want along with the problems the lighting can cause to your compositions.

Illustrated with many hundred of Nina's inspiring images this books is a great guide to getting the very best results with your digital EOS.

• What makes a great image
• How colour affects the images we shoot
• Learning to evaluate the components of an image
• Learning to visualise image
• How light creates images
• Learning to see what the light is doing to the image
• Understanding the role lenses play with creating image
• Understanding composition
• How framing changes with the subject you're shooting
• Understanding the rule of thirds
• Why you need space sometimes
• Why the number of subjects in an image is important
• Keeping images simple
• Aspect ratio and framing
• Why camera settings are important
• When freezing subjects work
• When blurring subjects work
• Understanding the relationship between different colours
• What are the photographic elements
• Understanding line in images
• Understanding shape in images
• Creating texture within images
• Form and the effect it has on your images
• Being ready to shoot
• Persistence, Patience and perseverance



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