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Light is the thing that makes so many images either stunning or failures. Therefore it is a crucial thing to understand how it affects the images that you take and how to use it to its best advantage. This eBook shows you how to apply all the things you already know and use them effectively to get much better pictures. Nina looks at how the light changes as we go round the world, how the seasons and weather affect the way you take images and how to deal with high contrast lighting to get stunning results. She also looks at how HDR techniques are changing some the approaches we take with difficult light.

• What is light and how it affects our images
• Learning to evaluate light
• What we see versus what we capture
• Why different subjects work with different lighting
• Understanding the characteristics of light
• How to assess lighting direction
• Dealing with the direction of light
• Understanding the colour of light
• Understanding how weather changes light
• Understanding how geographical location changes light
• Understanding how the seasons change the lighting
• Learning to expose for light
• The basic principles of metering
• How to use the different metering patterns
• Being creative with metering
• Modifying lights with filters
• Understanding the drawbacks to polarising filters
• Understanding high dynamic range shooting (HDR)
• Shooting HDR Or postproduction HDR
• Learn to visualise the image
• How lenses affect the lighting we capture
• Planning your shooting for the lighting



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