EG Landscapes

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Landscape photography can be challenging compared to other areas of photography as there is not such an obvious subject. It is one of Nina's favourite areas of photography as it is all about dealing with light, and creating an image from what is there.

Nina looks at a wide range of topics in this book from the basics of framing and composition through the effect the lens you use will have on the image you take. She looks at lighting and how the seasons and weather have an effect on the images you take. Nina looks at the camera settings that are best to use and some accessories that can have a big effect on your images.

• Approaches to landscape photography
• Location and its effect on landscape photography
• Equipment for landscape photography
• Which sensor size works best for landscape photography
• Lenses and the effects they produce
• Useful filters for landscape photography
• Understanding the conditions when you're shooting
• Learning to look at and understand the lighting
• Mode choice when shooting landscapes
• What settings are important when shooting landscapes
• White balance overrides for landscapes
• Lighting the most important aspect of landscape photography
• The best time to shoot landscapes
• Understanding how the weather affects your images
• How the season affects your images
• The effect of geographical location on landscapes
• How to meter for landscapes
• Framing for landscape photography
• Keep it simple
• Understanding the rule of thirds
• Understanding horizontal and vertical framing
• Understanding focal points and eye lines
• Changing your shooting angle
• Accepting the realities of landscape photography



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