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It's the time of year when we all start to head off for our holidays that we have worked all year for. So we all want to come back with the best possible results and in this eBook Nina looks at the techniques, settings and thought processes, that will allow you to come back with the very best results.

Nina still shoots travel images professionally; on the latest trip she led she was also shooting images for Wendy Wu Tours in China. Previously she has also shot in Antarctica, Spitsbergen and Norway for travel companies.

In the eBook Nina looks at how to still get some great images even when the conditions are less than ideal and also how to make the most of the time you have available to you.

Travel photography can be done with very minimal amounts of equipment and Nina looks at how to keep the outfit small and light, and gives lots of tips for travelling as well as inspiring you to take some great images.


This is one of Nina's best selling ebooks!


  • What equipment works best for travel photography
  • Minimising the outfit size
  • Thinking about the settings we need for the image
  • What is the right time to take the image
  • Things we need to think about when taking the image
  • The difference in what we see against what we can capture
  • What settings are best to use
  • White balance overrides for travel photography
  • Using the ISO to get the settings you need
  • Focusing setup to travel photography
  • Lighting direction and how it affects your images
  • Dealing with difficult conditions
  • Weather and how it affects of travel photography
  • How geographical location affects travel photography
  • The differences seasons will make to your images
  • Lighting images of friends and family
  • Framing travel images
  • Avoiding problems with framing
  • The role lenses have within framing
  • Techniques shooting different subjects
  • How polarising filters can improve your results
  • Why a lens hood should be used when travelling
  • Planning the trip
  • Travel logistics



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