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Close up and macro are fascinating areas of photography and ones that you can shoot almost anywhere, even in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one.
In this eBook Nina looks at the equipment options and techniques that are needed to get great results for both close up, which can even be shot easily with the kit lens that comes with your camera, through to macro photography where more specialist techniques and equipment will be required.

Nina looks at the settings that are used, how the magnifications affect the settings and techniques that are needed and how some affordable accessories can be used to avoid the expense of a macro lens.

Nina also takes a look at framing, lighting and exposure and shows how great images can be obtained in this fascinating field of photography.

• What is close-up photography
• What is macro photography
• What is microphotography
• Understanding the magnifications we use
• How to get the magnifications we need
• The creative verses factual approach
• The equipment needed for close-up photography
• Understanding extension tubes
• The best lenses to use extension tubes on
• Understanding the range of macro lenses available
• Analysing what settings are needed
• Settings needed for close-up photography
• Understanding why macro needs different settings
• How to get the light you need
• Focusing for close-up and macro photography
• Understanding depth of field for close-up and macro
• Shooting close-up and macro with available light
• Shooting natural images with flash
• Flash options for macro photography
• How to use flash for macro photography
• Wireless flash options for macro photography
• How to achieve a black background
• Using flash for micro photography


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