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This eBook looks in depth at wildlife photography both at home in the UK and in many locations around the world. Nina also looks at overcoming the problems of shooting through bars and glass when shooting in wildlife collections. This book covers a very wide range of topics from the camera settings, camera and lens choice, the modes and settings you need along with framing and exposure advice. The eBook also takes a look at the settings that change with different types of wildlife and shooting locations. It even includes a short section about shooting wildlife in and under water.

• Approaches to wildlife photography
• The difference that shooting in Zoos and Safari parks make
• How to lose the bars or glass
• Camera selection for wildlife photography
• Lens selection for wildlife photography
• Understanding extenders for wildlife photography
• The thought process when taking wildlife images
• Understanding what affects the images when shooting
• The settings you need for wildlife photography
• Making sure you can get the settings you need
• Understanding how much the light levels can change
• How to setup your focusing for wildlife photography
• Image stabilisation, When it works for wildlife photography
• Drive loads and wildlife photography
• How to maximise your burst rate for wildlife photography
• Settings for specific subjects
• Setting to specific locations including underwater
• Understanding lighting for wildlife photography
• Compensations needed for wildlife photography
• Framing for wildlife photography
• Looking after your equipment when shooting wildlife
• Why you need to shoot lots to get a few good ones
• The final secrets for wildlife photography



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